A week in Palawan

_MG_6307 copy

On the first week of March, my mom and I visited Northern Palawan (Culion, Coron and Busuanga) for business. FOR BUSINESS. That means no time to play and swim. Ugh. I cannot believe I did not swim.

I survived a week without cell phone signal and access to wi-fi. I survived 12nn-12am electricity.

Yet I hopped from one boat to another, from one island to another. I ate as much fresh seafood as I can, not minding my allergies. Hayaan mo na, paminsan-minsan lang naman hehe.

And also it’s surprising that I only snapped a few shots. So not me. I guess I lived in the moment. It was a nice break from the hustle of city life.


About Kimberly Pauig

I enjoy taking photographs as much as I savor sleep.
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7 Responses to A week in Palawan

  1. janwanderlusts says:

    Third photo makes me greatly miss seeing that kind of scenery 🙂


  2. Lovely sunset pics.


  3. Beautiful pictures…


  4. katieklp says:

    Wow! Amazing photos!


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