Typhoon Gener: Portraits of children

Who would have thought that a gloomy school day afternoon brought me to a covered court in Brgy. Bagong Silangan when I decided to write a story on Typhoon Gener survivors in one of my journalism classes. I remember vividly after taking shots of the kids that this be the start of my new goal — visit kids in evacuation centers as they find it therapeutic to have their photographs taken.

While they eat…

3_kimpauigWhile they sleep…

4_kimpauig5_kimpauigOr seconds after they wake up…

6_kimpauig7_kimpauig While they study and play…

IMG_7581 copy

While they strike a pose…


And just love to look at the camera…

Or when they ask you to take their photos but shy away the last second…


They just want to be in groups


But sometimes they teasingly block a playmate’s face…


The greatest reward of all is seeing them flash their teeth (or the lack of)


And also their pets are here to join

Here is Gian with the kids enjoy looking at their portraits


This is the second part of the two-part blog posts about typhoon Gener in 2012

First one: https://kimpauig.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/gusto-ko-nang-umuwi/



About Kimberly Pauig

I enjoy taking photographs as much as I savor sleep.
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3 Responses to Typhoon Gener: Portraits of children

  1. yjournal says:

    An interesting mix of innocence and sorrow, of struggle and ‘life goes on’ Good job!


  2. kaydesigners says:

    Beautiful children


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