Friends I haven’t met yet

Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (3)

Everybody wants to travel when they are stuck in a sad, dull place. I assume.

Most days I find myself alone in my room, lights off; silence deafening yet somehow comforting. I let myself drown in the black hole I created for myself.

Most times I think about why a man plays many roles.

Most times I think about how many friends do I really have – if social media is an indicator — then how many of them have I shared (real) experiences with.

I see pigments of myself from the people I meet. May it be the way the Vietnamese lady happily rides her bike, or the way the vendor carefully arranges my order. Maybe i wished to be that person I just took a photo of. The way I see and define others becomes an extension of self, the ghost of my other selves.

Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (6) Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (24) Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (25) Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (29) Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (31) Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (43) Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (46) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (8) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (9) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (13) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (14) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (24) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (25) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (27) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (28) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (58) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (62) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (63) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 3 (7) Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 3 (61)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (48)

Traveling to Vietnam last July is like a temporary bandage over permanent scar. It’s my way to escape reality – the reality that I have too many regrets, too many missed opportunities and missed connections, and too much time wasted. So much so that the idea of myself is haunted by the ghosts of the other selves I might have been.

And this is what travelling does to me: it gets me to meet people outside of my circle and lets me understand myself better.

Travelling clears my head. Travelling is a hope for happiness. 

And so, this is to the friends I haven’t met yet: that I may put a name to your face. And not be reduced to merely just a portrait I have once taken.

But for now, I am back to chasing to fill the void.



About Kim Pauig

I enjoy taking photographs as much as I savor sleep.
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  1. janwanderlusts says:

    Awesome sauce story Kim! I remember the Vietnamese grade school teacher.

  2. Jiru Rada says:

    Idol po kita Ate Kimmy

  3. mincookie says:

    It’s true, traveling is one of the best ways to escape reality. And Vietnam is a very interesting destination!

  4. “The way I see and define others becomes an extension of self, the ghost of my other selves.”

    Wise and beautiful and a little haunting. My favorite tone!

  5. Concept Research Foundation says:

    Title looks good

  6. Fantastic blog. Inspiring and hopeful. You have the same inspirational views as me and my family. Please follow our journey as we escape suburbia for freedom

  7. coolmitten says:

    Traveling always helps me forget about my struggles in life especially when I see that others have a worse lot in life than I, yet they are so happy! I strive to be like them.

  8. If traveling fills your void I wish upon you endless journeys! Your photos are fantastic!

  9. dannymellema says:

    Wauw, very well written and I can see myself in what you wrote! 🙂

  10. Karl Drobnic says:

    Sie haben einige nette Fotos veröffentlicht.

  11. -Angela- says:

    This is so beautiful. So deep. Vivid images.

  12. oldironhoss says:

    Right on! I feel your pain of travel lust…

  13. alexdavid009 says:

    Wow… Reading this forced me to do a bit of soul searching. I love how you embrace the good and the bad with cool composure. Not many people can do that. Your words are inspiring.

  14. bikram15 says:

    Thanks to you for showing such a good view on Vietnam…its about the life that begin with smile and cheers

  15. bruntsfield2 says:

    I really know what you mean! Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Miriam B says:

    Beautifully written and I love the photos. Our friends are off to Vietnam next week … I wish I was going too!

  17. runs says:

    Great pics. I think I tasted some of that food scrolling through

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  19. Sastri says:

    Beautiful pictures! Traveling is always enriching one’s life.

  20. Love the story … please read my new blog 💭☺️

  21. Jovy Merryl says:


  22. Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif MD. says:

    It is an interesting writing indeed!!!

  23. xingible says:

    Came across your post on WP reader. Really beautifully written, I too find a bit of myself in your writing. I hope life will keep gifting you with many good things!!

  24. The photographs are stunning. The foliage is quite amazing and the peple are beautiful, especially the little girl in red. Wonderful post.

  25. mwende says:

    Lovely photos….travel to Kenya you will love it!!!

  26. naasadat says:

    Beautiful…travelling has always been one thing I cnt get enough of..

  27. Leon Durham says:

    I wouldn’t mind traveling. Too much stuff happening in my life right now that I just want to escape.

  28. Beautiful photo’s!! Also, cool work!!! If you would anyone want to check out my blog!! 😀

    “Love’s most important in the world”

    “Love’s the treasure we earn in life.”

    “Try, you may fail 100 times…” , “But, just keep picking yourself up; and try again until you succeed.”

    Here’s one of my favorites!
    “One to love, one to hold… One so bold… One to laugh… One to love forever until I grow old…”

    My creative mind….. —

  29. This post is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. I lived in SE Asia for 6 months last year and as the year marker of me being home is approaching, I’ve been looking at where I was last year and where I am now and how I created this myself but it’s not really where I want to be. It makes me want to travel again, I always felt like I found a little piece of myself everywhere I went and in every person I met. This is all much more eloquently said in your post though haha

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  31. Shaharazad69 says:

    Love this!!! ***Cheers*** to friends we all haven’t met yet! I too hope to travel to all the places I’ve always wanted to see!!! 😊❤

  32. Kim who are you and how did you get in my head? Your writing echos in my mind and I feel like you are writing about me. I am sad, frustrated, angry, weary, and when I travel I feel better. I read your post thinking “how did she know how I was feeling?” Wow you write beautifully and your thoughts and ideas touched my soul. I also love your photos.

  33. Felt like you just said it all, you know! Need I say anymore? 🙂

  34. Liberal Soul says:

    A picture is always worth 1000 words…and you have more than 1000 words written here. Lovely.

  35. I love how you so beautifully described how travelling leaves an imprint of others’ lives on our hearts and minds! I want to travel too so I can listen to other people’s stories and get a glimpse of their lives :’)

  36. Sharill Kaul says:

    This is good

  37. Sharill Kaul says:

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  38. Interesting and well written.

  39. ANIKESA.D says:

    the clicks are stupendous, and its true, travelling IS an escape, an escape from the monotomy of life.

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  42. beautiful. it conveys emotions we’ve all had at one point.

  43. Alexithymia_Shubhi says:

    so beautifully you have written it in simple words 🙂 true travel is happiness and break from all the chaos ^_^

  44. Alexithymia_Shubhi says:

    so beautifully you have written it in simple words..true travel is happiness 🙂 a break from chaos ^_^

  45. Vj says:

    Beautiful article!

  46. Aurora says:

    Beautiful article

  47. Your Writing is engaging…good read.

  48. Angel Mbeks says:

    Awesome…enjoyed reading

  49. cfbowling says:

    I enjoyed this piece, the writing drew me in, made me feel the writer’s feelings.The pictures were like a visit without leaving my chair. I have always felt that strangers are just friends that I have not yet met. I travel a good deal between the USA and Europe. I usually travel by cruise ship. You meet a lot of folks there, but in places that I visit, I like to talk to the residents. Sometimes there is a language barrier, but usually we can make do..It is interesting to me to hear many points of view, how others live, new customs and heritage. thanks for sharing

  50. ideraolu says:

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  51. Tara M says:

    Fantastic photography!

  52. I agree entirely! love this piece

  53. Peripants says:

    This was very well written and a beautiful story. It was very inspirational. Thank you for this amazing post 🙂

  54. Wish i could do the same….

  55. mscurlicious says:

    Well written! Could relate myself to it. Lovely photographs!

  56. lnudupa says:

    Well, to be frank majority of us feel the same at one stage or the other

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  58. Kapil says:

    Hey u hv a gud taste of colour that u captured in your pics n its a symbol of happiness. Till now i never visited vietnam but now through ur thoughts n pics i came to u know that its beautiful place.. Thank u . wear a smile..:-)

  59. marriyyam says:

    Beautiful photos and beautiful words.

  60. mizrae says:

    I love the photos…so rich in color

  61. mystic gitana says:

    Perfectly well expressed reason for travelling which I can relate to!Great photos,great post

  62. Lem says:

    Thank you for being here. I love Vietnam my country and i really happy when someone come here and like it

  63. Very well written.. I could relate to what you’ve mentioned about travelling.

  64. royalchivas says:

    Reblogged this on alirzayevblog.

  65. Nur Suzilla says:

    Thumb up for ur story 🙂

  66. Melody Dyer says:

    I am actually on vacation right now and parts of your piece completely epitomize how I feel. Very good 🙂

  67. inspiring piece of writing. Great pictures 🙂

  68. Bea dM says:

    Gorgeous pictures and simple, effective words to convey your emotions and touch the reader

  69. Emy says:

    This hit a little to home.

  70. teena says:

    So well written … And that’s the joy one gets travelling 🙂

  71. riddletiddle says:

    I love the piece and the photography… I have been taken to another place without going anywhere…

  72. Widow Strong says:

    So true about wanting to travel when you are sad. It’s an escape from our reality! Lovely read.

  73. arshuarsh says:

    Your post reminds of my travelling, it gives an immense internal pleasure whenever i think about it. I also long last in darkness till i could.. I feel myself an abandoned soul in search of peace 🙂 like my blog i have not share it any where yet

  74. prog chik says:

    Thank you for posting. In my own travels, I’ve struggled a lot with the whole “Is this escapism?” vs. the “No, it’s fun and I’m opening myself up to new experiences!” argument. I came to the conclusion that, at least for me, it was 50/50. It’s comforting to know that someone else struggles with this conflict.

  75. outlookstar says:

    my english not very well.
    but i still can feel what you want to said😃

  76. mildvoice says:

    great post.

  77. kimemz says:

    wow, well said. (;

  78. kkessler833 says:

    Thank you for the great post and photographs!

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    During those days of solitude that travel releases for you. Take a weekend
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  80. GENERATION NOW says:

    You photos and your writing in magical and beautiful.

  81. jeje says:

    Nice every one wants to travel. But in the way of travel meeti were will hit some realisation your not the only

  82. vitaf15 says:

    Beautiful and poignant. Love the photos too.

  83. medhashetty says:

    Beautiful photographs and amazing post. loved it 🙂

  84. Wonderful writing, incredible pictures! When I worked, I had the opportunity to travel a lot, especially in Asia. I really miss the travel now because it does take you out of your own comfort zone and forces you out of your comfort zone. Thank you for sharing.

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  86. Mandy says:

    Félicitations pour ce post ! #PrayForParis

  87. 8kavi8 says:

    silence deafening yet somehow comforting. !! true that 🙂

  88. aparnabhumi says:

    Interesting Phonographs! Motivating me to think about ‘yet to meet’ friends of mine! Cheers

  89. beautiful series….always learning along the way.

  90. Brother Wolf says:

    Very inspiring and very well written!

  91. marydane says:

    I can very much relate to your post. 🙂 And great captures!

  92. Anthony says:

    Your photos were awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  93. Cafe says:

    Very honest — both what you wrote and your beautiful photos. All the best in your journey of self-discovery xoxo

  94. Warmhat says:

    Lovely shots, I totally agree with you, sometimes travelling does change a person by showing them new aspects of life.

  95. Jo says:

    Your photos really show how everyone has a story. I really enjoy the angle of the temple photo as well.

  96. so wonderful. I love Viet Nam it´t such a beautiful country and the people are so nice. Thanks for this.

  97. maseeraali says:

    just loved your writing style.. perfect words for every expression.

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  99. Thank you for the amazing article!

  100. siedysoes says:

    Awesome story..keep the good work

  101. lorieb says:

    beautiful pictures and words

  102. acatarinamr says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful title! Thank you for sharing Kim, now I want to travel too 🙂

  103. crandallaj says:

    I hope you travel more, your shots are amazing insights to a world I know very little about.

  104. hiro812 says:

    Your photos were awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  105. wonderful photos and fabulous writings… also you have a amazing point of view which could show the real world a wonderful thought about the life style….

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  108. A great read and great photos. Thanks

  109. spdelicious says:

    Congratulations for the wonderful photos. The way you see life and what you have been missing make me feel related. Thank you for sharing!

  110. Sara None says:

    Congratulations, your pics are awesome and so true! And so “positive”, showing true frames of human life.

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    Bye Sara

  111. Bingout says:

    Truely said..travelling is also a way to innovatiin to come uo with new rejunative idea 🙂

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  113. Ankur Varshney says:

    In this era of social media, we are literally losing ourselves in the virtual world. I cannot recall when did I last have a good “real” laugh with my friends!

  114. notjustpinkandblack says:

    This is so good!
    Absolutely love it.

    Akshita Jaiswal
    Instagram – @akshitaj93

  115. shina says:

    awesome photos, interesting

  116. pman105 says:

    come check out my blog

  117. Great post and photos, definitely a sentiment that many travelers will relate to.

  118. kanavera says:

    What a great post; truly inspiring 🙂

  119. I loved my trip to Vietnam this August. I loved my trip to anywhere, really. Because if a journey doesn’t change you, even just a little bit, you’ve taken it wrong.
    It has always been my pleasure meeting new people and their outlooks. That’s something we do to alter the world, make it beautiful just for a second – making friends, that is. And the more different people I encounter, the more I appreciate the diversity among us thus spreading the horizons of my own freedom.

  120. grltlkonline says:

    These are very awesome photos and your blog post was very interesting. Anybody want to follow me for a follow back? We could become friends? 🙂

  121. HoneyBeeMama says:

    We are each in this very moment … don’t regret that whatever it is

  122. You make me wanna go there, truly.
    Travelling opens the minds of people, and, like you said, allows us to do wonderful experience.

  123. woowww…beautiful pic..very human in my country,,indonesia

  124. Domi says:

    Your text was touching and photos really good .

  125. AnJu :) says:

    Very well written ! I wish to go to Vietnam soon ! I’ve heard it’s beautiful 🙂

  126. JCherr says:

    Very interesting read! The photos captured the beauty of Vietnam.

    Feel to check out:

  127. Pura Ilusión by Adelina says:

    Only have to say that I love traveling, so you might realize that I love your post. Very inspiring

  128. Love the photos and your story 😀

  129. You wrote my life minus traveling to Vietnam. Sad you have to live in the black hole, yet glad I am not in here by myself. :-/

  130. picisanpost says:

    I love people watching and backpacking. Very well observed ! My journey on backpack carptured similar in feel free to check it out

  131. R. Callins says:

    Great photos and thoughts.

  132. yoka says:

    This is beautifully Inspiring

  133. guys please view my new blog. thanks guys

  134. sparkledawn says:

    Wonderful post, you are right, travelling is to escape reality. I find I can leave my worries and cares behind and step into a new world, even if it is only for a week.

  135. feeltheworld says:

    It really spoke to me!! Traveling does help to understand yourself better and to find yourself! Vietnam is on my list! 🙂

  136. Katria says:

    This is phenomenal.

  137. deeps13 says:

    Wow THTS awesome I wish I was a part of tht

  138. I love this Kim! This is a similar reality to why I hope one day I find the time to travel and escape my circle of reality and be taught of someone else’s ! Simple ways of life and how each person lives theirs is such an interest mine and this has made me think about travelling a lot ! ❤️

  139. aaronyeatman says:

    This is an amazing story! Really relatable, thank you for sharing.

  140. Wow! I admire how you’re so honest about the pain of missed opportunities, etc.

  141. Alexa says:

    This is amazing! travelling really is the best escape there could be, an escape to a monogamous life or anything really. I love the pictures you have taken, they are unbelievable! ❤

  142. apps4u says:

    Now you have met,and found what is not in your life,so fullfill your dreams now

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  144. bombaydude says:

    Well written post. Traveling opens up your mind and helps you to unwind

  145. itssavannah16 says:

    This post is so beautiful! I love your photography and the way you said what you said. I feel the same. Recently traveled to Paris and Rome and it’s incredible the things you learn and people you meet when traveling.

  146. lychee1 says:

    I found I often travelled because I was bored with my life with its existence so I can relate –

  147. wow,I followed every step like I were in it check out my blog too

  148. deeu45 says:

    Travelling really does you wonders.. and Road trips add a lot of fun to it too! Beautiful photography!

  149. thesabinadee says:

    Such beautiful wording. Travel is usually the remedy to any pain, and your trip looked very well healing. I have a travel blog that you might enjoy, check it out and give me a follow or just read a post or two and tell me what you think. This post was so insightful. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  150. nashra333 says:

    I hear you! Travel is the best escape from a cold and desolate existence. It brings one back to life somehow.

  151. Lily Guerra says:

    This was beautiful and relatable!

  152. Very relatable. Thank you for sharing.

  153. Your pictures convey your thoughts. Beautiful post 😊

  154. Cody.K says:

    Your pictures are breathtaking! I’ve always wanted to travel. It’s so easy to get lost in our day-to-day lives and lose ourselves in the remnants. Thanks for sharing this…it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way sometimes. 🙂

  155. Beautiful words to explain the desire and need to travel and explore the world.

  156. You wrote so beautiful about your experience and the photos are simply amazing and interesting! I hope visiting those places one day.

  157. marrenpfannenstein says:

    I thought this was very inspiring and really makes a person think. I like the thought of how many friends we truly have and what friends we have yet to meet. I think it is very true that without social media, it would be tough for people to admit how many friends they really have. Also, like traveling for you, I think everyone has their own thing to escape reality. It can be tough to find what works for you. And lastly, the photos are beautiful!

  158. Nexchi says:

    I really liked this post. It’s nice. It’s the first I’ve seen on this site honestly but I find it amazing.

  159. King says:

    Great post.
    For me, I see traveling as a time for self reflection and to work through some of the issues that I have. It’s me, time and nothing else to bother me.


    God fills our void and directs our steps closer to him.

    I travel as well through my own ministry to reach the broken, hurting and those lost and in despair.

    For when we reach out to others, we heal as well.

    Abundant blessings, Emma

  161. yohandikristiawan says:

    Nice story…

  162. tareakrahman says:

    I have a concern
    we the people always alone by birth yet its a blessing we r alive…..

  163. uoruc says:

    It explains perfectly when u are feeling empty 🙂 thank you for writinng this

  164. Travelling is really a great way to discover something, hope you’ll inspire people even more.

  165. Its true. Travelling sets you free and helps in making new memories.

  166. ChelseaLynn says:

    I believe that people who do not have a passion for travelling are the people who have never been on a plane. Once you do it once, get out there and see so many things that the world has to offer, you count the days until you can travel again. The best part about traveling is the different cultures, environments and nature that you get to experience first hand. We may all live on one planet but there are countless different worlds throughout.

  167. Tina says:

    I felt the same way when I went to China for a visit. I felt alive- finally- and my soul uplifted and awakened. I have not had that feeling since, but my photos can bring me back there for a moment. Lost of people/faces I will never know or see again. We are fortunate to have these experiences.

  168. tomadaonline says:

    Lovely images. Tender thoughts.

  169. mukhamani says:

    People are fascinating.

  170. lehongsonneu says:

    I also have a plan to travel through Vietnam from North to South. I am Hanoian.
    These pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for showing our beautiful Vietnam to the world.

    • Kim Pauig says:

      Wow, Hanoi and Hoi An are my dream destinations. I’ve always wanted to go North whenever I visit Ho Chi Minh City, but I wasn’t able to do so. Hoping that my next visit to Vietnam would be in the Northern parts. I love your country!

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  172. saroshn says:

    Really nicely said. If traveling makes you happy, then I wish you all the vacations in the world 🙂 talking about happiness, I just wrote a post about it, would love some (kind) feedback 😁

  173. lolong143 says:

    this certainly helps my mood.merci madamoiselle for sharing this!

  174. Story of my life…maybe just another ghost of yourself ?…

  175. Iris Ng says:

    Reblogged this on siriequinox and commented:
    “Most times I think about how many friends do I really have – if social media is an indicator — then how many of them have I shared (real) experiences with.”

  176. hiro812 says:

    It explains perfectly when u are feeling empty 🙂 thank you for writinng this

  177. simplemind55 says:

    Travelling makes us alive, value life more as we get to experience how wonderful this world can be. 🙂

  178. Noor Elhayat says:

    I loved your words! Soooo much! So deep and touching!

  179. lukepm12 says:

    Fascinating, I like how you can connect with other people,
    by understanding how you can see yourself in them. What do you
    think will make you fill that void? Maybe the silence you sit in
    will help understand yourself, if you really listen to it? Keep writing.

  180. lukepm12 says:

    Make you confront that void rather

  181. directorsid says:


  182. directorsid says:


  183. directorsid says:


  184. So accurate and deep. Amazing photographic journey.

  185. manunicci says:

    i really really liked your photos and what you said about people and about ourselves.wonderful!

  186. “Temporary bandage over a permanent scar

  187. arkiknight says:

    I find it comforting that though people may be worlds apart, separated by land, culture, or opinion, writing can still act as a bridge to connect individuals to each other. I can relate to your view of travel, my unknown friend. And it is simply astounding. Cheers!

  188. Sig Nordal, Jr. says:

    Reblogged this on Sig Nordal, Jr..

  189. I really like this one. I can relate it to myself 🙂

    I would also love it if you give my posts a read at
    I have a lot to learn and need your feedback
    Once again, brilliant work!

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  191. tsinelasnirotchie says:


  192. goodchipoet says:

    Beautiful writing and pictures! Thanks for sharing

  193. Fridgesays says:

    You can fill the void and it doesn’t require a passport.
    Check your mirror 🙂

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  195. Beautiful pictures, very captivating. I hope you will travel again, soon. I can visit the world looking at your pictures

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  197. understatedm says:

    I feel the same way about travelling. Going to unknown places to meet other people, cultures and experiences which impact on me. Finding myself as well as others. Beautiful post and pictures~

  198. Leia says:

    Brilliant piece of writing.

  199. Beautiful photos, they really show some of the character in each person.

  200. thizgoo says:

    Nice written. Been a while since I read something like this again. Best wishes!

  201. asliceylan says:

    very similar insights, thank you for sharing!

  202. clanton1934 says:

    Reblogged this on Charles Clanton Rogers and commented:
    There are truths to be learned by traveling that can not be learned otherwise.

  203. The images here are absolutely fantastic.
    Wonderful storytelling!!
    Found you at Charles Rogers and we are so glad!

  204. Oh my God, this is how I feel like

  205. JennyO_O says:

    The photos are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  206. BriannaP says:

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you find the right thing to permanently fill that void. But don’t stop traveling when you do…. Now that would just be sad 😉

  207. KWP says:

    Yes the best thing about travelling is getting to meet people and yes taking the tiniest of fragments of them back with you for nothing more than making connections that were not there before …

    I am heading to Vietnam with my boys in June … Haven’t been there for years … I was last there when it first opened up to western travellers … Looking forward to the revisit

    By the way – love your pics X

  208. Cheers!! Thank-you for sharing those amazing pictures!

  209. jjgreens says:

    “The friends I haven’t met yet” this is something I always think about before traveling and I’m glad you’ve written about it. People are the best part of travel.

  210. michelee45 says:

    I love your blog. I do and feel the same EXACT way. I am lonely, and I live to travel and take photos. Stunning photos!!

  211. heathrufus says:

    This was incredible. Really.

  212. Semhar says:

    Amazing photographs!

  213. imighttalkaboutmyself says:

    You took beautiful pictures…

  214. Just what I needed to read today. I guess tge answers are actually in your boring real life right? We have to build from there. Even though travelling opens the mind. We also take ourselves with us whereever we go. Anyway… glad I stopped by to take a look at this. Great pics too. -Tammy

  215. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this web site. I’m hoping the same high-grade blog post from you in the upcoming also. In fact your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own website now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings fast. Your write up is a great example of it.

  216. abdulnaf says:

    Reblogged this on abdulnaf and commented:
    #Sotrue Dear

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