The Mud Men of Aliaga

KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_03KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_01 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_02 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_04 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_05

The day starts earlier than the alarming sound of crowing roosters. After a few sips of warm coffee, the Taong Putik or Mud Man is off to the fields.

Motorcycle headlights and dim street lights illuminate vast lands clothed in darkness as the Taong Putik searches for wet and frigid soil to cover the skin, then topped off with dried banana leaves stitched together.

The sun has yet to rise.


KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_07 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_08 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_09


KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_10 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_11 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_12

The mud men start to walk along the streets of Aliaga, off from house to house then to the church.

KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_13 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_14 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_15 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_16 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_17

Town folks give alms and candles to devotees who visit their homes and pass them by the streets. The mud men then offer prayers to St. John the Baptist on his feast day, as it is believed that the saint performed miracles to protect the people.

KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_18 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_19 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_20 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_21 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_22

Hundreds gather to celebrate mass to give thanks to the saint who saved the town folks from the firing squad during the Japanese regime as rain poured heavily, forcing to halt the execution. Others pray for good harvest throughout the year and good health of family members.

KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_23 KimPauig_TaongPutik_2012_24

Covering themselves with mud on June 24, as what the saint may have done in his lifetime, is only a simple way to celebrate life.


I also did a photo essay on the personal tale of a mud man:


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11 Responses to The Mud Men of Aliaga

  1. i like your picture and beautifully, love love love


  2. alexlasko says:

    Thank you very much!


  3. Francis says:

    UOWWWW. Impressive!


  4. afallenverse says:

    Oh wow. Can I just say that I especially loved the fifteenth picture (I think) – the one showing the procession. It was beautiful to look at it, yet very captivating. It was so beautiful, overall!


    • Kim Pauig says:

      Thank you. I hope I gave you the feel of the festival somehow. It makes me happy to read your comment. Thanks again.


      • afallenverse says:

        Oh yes! Having witnessed a few processions myself in somewhat the same manner as this, I think you totally captured the feel and the intensity. If that was your aim, I must say it’s succeeded in my case.


  5. bocapinksite says: makeup segue lá


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