Ulingan” is a place where charcoals (“uling” in Filipino) are made.  In Sitio Damayan, Vitas, Tondo, residents earn around P60-70 ($1.4-2) a day. The meager amount of money they bring home to their families can never justify the health risks they are exposed to. I cannot even last for five minutes.


Other photos


About Kimberly Pauig

I enjoy taking photographs as much as I savor sleep.
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14 Responses to Ulingan

  1. wismualga says:

    amazing moment..so lovely


  2. Tero Diaz says:

    Ang ganda ng mga kuha mo Kim!


  3. jhessetenano says:

    What a beautiful set, Ate Kim! Loved every photo, especially the ones with the children. 🙂


  4. Waaaaaah! Ang ganda ng mga kuha mo, Ate Kim! May bago na akong IDOL sa photography after Kuya Gian. 😀
    Power couple pala kayo sa photography! 😀 Yikiee! ♥
    Sana maachib ko rin mga ganyang kuha. 🙂


  5. Miguel says:

    Ganda ng set na ‘to! Nakakabilib mga kuha mo. 🙂


  6. Jacklyn Belo says:

    Great photos Kim! Pwede pang National Geographic… graduate ka na ba Kim? 🙂


  7. Jackson Summers says:

    This is a beautiful set. You might want to enter these photos to the Discovery channel photo contest.


    • Kim Pauig says:

      Thank you very much! But I don’t think the photos are of Discovery Channel caliber. Maybe in the succeeding years, I will have the courage (and the talent) to join the contest.


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