Yay for first post :)

I’ve been thinking of what to put here — maybe my travel stories, random experiences, hobbies and a lot (yes, A LOT) of photos.

For this first post, I want to share with you my then hobby — sketching and painting. Back in grade school and high school, I was that artsy kid who would rather spend her time getting her hands and clothes dirty with ink and paint than talking with girl friends about boys and fashion.

Two of my watercolor paintings on Oslo paper. These were done 30 minutes before the start of my Home Economics and Livelihood Education and Arts (HELEA) class. For this particular assignment, we had to copy works of famous foreign (left photo) and Filipino (right) painters.

Then I shifted to using drawing pencils.

Then learned to use charcoal pencils. As you may observe, I have a habit of not finishing my sketches. I also tried sketching myself (bottom right).

The next one’s my favorite. It’s my version of Salvador Dali’s (my favorite surrealist painter) Sleep.

Sad fact #1: All my works were either ruined due to Typhoon Ondoy or were never returned to me.

Sad fact #2: I kind of already lost interest in sketching and painting.

β€œDrawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating: It is either good or bad. ”
― Salvador Dali


About Kimberly Pauig

I enjoy taking photographs as much as I savor sleep.
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6 Responses to Yay for first post :)

  1. jeremyism says:

    Gandaaaaaa πŸ™‚


  2. Karmela says:

    hi kim! welcome to wordpress :-))


  3. yjournal says:

    Oh em. Artist ka pala? Ang galing naman ni Kim Pauig! Good Job! At least you’re not like other people na mema drawing o memapost lang na sketch (No harm intended). HAHA


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